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Family Engagement

Both sites also offered a range of activities for families, including some that were school-wide events offered by the school.  Both sites engaged and supported families throughout the grant, and events were offered each year.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, both programs focused on providing supports that addressed families’ needs and increasing connections with families.  Virtual events and activities provided opportunities for engaging more families who may not have attended in-person events.   

In the first three years of the grant, many events at Sunnycrest were opportunities for families to come together and celebrate cultures and host showcases, such as talent shows or sharing food. In 2020-21, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there were more self-care type events, such as a Spa Night or "Attitude of Gratitude" event. As events returned to in-person in 2021-22, there were field trips and excursions.   Sunnycrest offered monthly family events in both 2020-21 and 2021-22.   

Wildwood offered several events per year.  In the early years of the grant (2017-18 and 2018-19), events included a roller-skating night and LEGO Night, while others had academic ties (Reading Nights and STEM Nights). In the later years of the grant (2019-20 through 2021-22), events were more focused on families gathering for cooking events and seasonal celebrations, with an emphasis on building community. (Additional data available) 

Table 3: Family Events (with Number of Participants or Families) 

  Sunnycrest Wildwood
2017-18 Bingo for Books (135) 
International Night (200+)
In it Together (Social Emotional Learning, SEL) (40) 
Celebrate Skate  
STEM Night (75) 
Literacy Night (75) 
Talent Show (35) 
2018-19 Family Dinner (10) 
Fall Open House (50) 
Gymnastics Showcase (4)  
Fall Harvest Night (150) 
Summer Camp Planning (10) 
International Night (350)

BBQ & Awards Ceremony (55) 
Yellow Level Reading (18) 
LEGO Night (10) 
Family Word Game Night (20) 
In it Together (SEL) (25)
Wildwood Carnival (100) 
Multicultural Night (200+) 
Volunteer Appreciation Event (45)

2019-20 Family Dinners (3 events, with 58 family members attending one or more events)  
Festival of Lights (52) 
Community Potluck (166) 
Schoolwide Open House (150) 
Fall Festival (200) 
Winter Celebration (100) 
Attendance Matters (44) 
2020-21 Family Game Night (4) 
Family Trivia Night (7) 
Family Magic Show (9) 
Attitude of Gratitude (10) 
Dream Bigger Together (9) 
Top Chef (6) 
Works of Art (1) 
Spa Night (5) 
Around the House Fitness (7) 
End of Year Celebration  (5) 
Schoolwide Open House 
Let's Cook Together (2 sessions, with 8 participants at each) 
Spa Night (6) 

Fall Celebration (8) 
Road Runner (RR) Club goes to dogs and cats (20) 
RR Science Club (31) 
Traditions & Togetherness (7) 
Families at the Farm (7) 
Time for Families (12) 
Family Paint Night (33) 
Seahurst Beach Park (with Wildwood) (20) 
RR Has the Blues & Yellows (32) 
What is SEL? (15) 
Everyday Learning Experiences (28) 
Preventing Summer Learning Loss (20) 
End of the Era, Celebration and Community Builder (31) 

Family Paint Night (37) 
Family Time Conference (75) 
Literacy Read Aloud (58) 
Seahurst Beach Park (with Sunnycrest) (20)