Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Impact for Families

Increase the knowledge and skills of families about how to support the education of their children 

Over the years of the grant, the program adjusted the family event survey questions to better align with the content and structure of these events.  Surveys of families who attended family events focused on gauging satisfaction with the event itself, how the event helped the parent/family feel connected to their child, and how the event allowed them to connect with their school/community.  

Though the survey questions changed over the course of the grant, family responses were generally positive across all five years.  In Year 2 (2018-19) through Year 5 (2021-22), families were nearly unanimous in their appreciation for how the events helped increase connection to their school/community.  In 2021-22, families agreed that events supported connections, particularly to their student (100%), their student’s school (100%), and their afterschool program (100%) and slightly less so to other families (92%).  100 percent of respondents felt that the family events were a good use of their time.