Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Additional Supports

In addition to the partnerships and activities listed above, the Sunnycrest and Wildwood programs also provide: 

  • Student supports, including technology, food, transportation – this has been a significant need with the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to virtual programming in 2020-21.   
    • In making this shift, the program continued its focus on social emotional learning, with students practicing expectations for the online program format, including how to interact and participate. This focus was important in response to students’ need to feel supported and be a part of a community. It also helped to provide a safe program with positive interaction with others. 
    • 21st CCLC staff have grown in their own virtual teaching skills, including managing the online program, and making and posting videos.   
      • At the same time, the shift to virtual teaching was source of stress for many teachers, administrators, and school staff, which affected the extent to which school staff were able to collaborate with 21st CCLC staff. 
      • Another challenge has been that site staff do not always have access to PSESD or district tools that the Site Coordinators do.  
    • The 21st CCLC program had an online course page, consistent with school-day classes to support continuity and ease for families
  • Communication, connections to students, families, and among staff 
    • The program also used creative ways to engage students and families, by providing at-home supplies and activities, including for those students/families not interested in participating in an online program due to “Zoom fatigue.”   
      • The program was able to provide care packages to students and families, which were deeply appreciated by all families.    
      • Coordinators also provided supplies via district lunch drop-off sites and through delivery to students’ homes.    
        • This helped to support a sense of connection via virtual platforms.  For example, it allows staff and students to read the same books together, where staff and students both have copies 
        • The supply delivery to homes also strengthened the connection to the community and to families.  One Site Coordinator noted that they learned the neighborhood better and felt closer to families.