Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Activities for Students and Families

Program offerings include student and family activities, throughout the summer, fall and spring sessions. Staff incorporate student experiences and perspectives to inform activities, projects, and discussions.

As the Sunnycrest Site Coordinator noted, “[We are] utilizing teachable moments from children’s lives to combat racism and prejudice. We worked on projects to present to all school assembly for Dr. MLK Jr. Day, and had multiple conversations around the ‘Karen’ meme.” The Wildwood Site Coordinator shared that “Many students stated that the Art Program was their favorite activity. It provided them an opportunity to try various mediums to express themselves, during this challenging time.”

Cooking club was also a favorite at Wildwood. The Site Coordinator delivered supplies to students, and they made simple dishes with staff in a breakout room on Zoom.

Additionally, families are engaged through family events and are encouraged to come to the afterschool program with their students.

The Sunnycrest Site Coordinator notes “We have embraced the use of technology and capitalized on having a smaller group than usual, so [we] have increased our number of Family Nights to one each month. All of our attending families seem genuinely thankful to have the opportunity to spend time with other families and to connect with their own children in a different way.” At Wildwood, the Site Coordinator notes “Many parents attended the after school Zoom sessions with their students and participated in the activities. This was encouraged and welcomed!”

Student activities and family events are detailed in the tables below. (Additional data available)

Table 3: Student Activities

Student Activities
  Summer Fall Spring

Roadrunner Club (Nonacademic Enrichment), including:

  • Cooking
  • Science
  • Crafts
  • Movement
Environmental Science
Wildwood Environmental Science
Virtual Games  
  Art Exploration
Book Club
Breakfast Bunch
Cooking Club
WIN Time (Tutoring and Homework Help)
Cultural arts Cyanotype   Book Mobile


Table 4: Family Events (with Participation)

  Family Activities 

Sunnycrest events 
(# of adult family members attending)

(# of adult family members attending) 

Sept Family Game Night  (4)  N/A
Oct Family Trivia Night (7)  School-wide open house 
Nov Family Magic Show (9)  N/A
Dec Attitude of Gratitude (10)  N/A
Jan Dream Bigger Together (9)  N/A
Feb Top Chef (6) Let’s Cook Together (8) 
Mar Works of Art (1) N/A
Apr Spa Night (5) Let’s Cook Together (8) 
May Around the House Fitness (7) N/A
Jun End of Year Celebration (5) Spa Night (6)