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Family Engagement

In 2020-21, the program aimed to offer monthly school year events for parents and adult family members.  There were 10 events at Sunnycrest, and four at Wildwood.  (More data available)

Additionally, the program aims to have adult family members of 80% of regular attendees (students who attend 30 or more days) attend at least one family event each year.  With improved data collection in 2020-21, the program was able to more accurately connect data on adult family member attendance to individual students, including those who were regular attendees.  The results for 2020-21 are: 

  • Overall, adult family members of 77% of regular attendees (20 of 26) attended at least one family event. 
  • At Sunnycrest, adult family members of 92% of regular attendees (11 of 12) attended at least one family event. 
  • At Wildwood, adult family members of 64% of regular attendees (9 of 14) attended at least one family event.  

Table 4: Family Events (with Participation)

  Family Activities 

Sunnycrest events 
(# of adult family members attending)

(# of adult family members attending) 

Sept Family Game Night  (4)  N/A
Oct Family Trivia Night (7)  School-wide open house 
Nov Family Magic Show (9)  N/A
Dec Attitude of Gratitude (10)  N/A
Jan Dream Bigger Together (9)  N/A
Feb Top Chef (6) Let’s Cook Together (8) 
Mar Works of Art (1) N/A
Apr Spa Night (5) Let’s Cook Together (8) 
May Around the House Fitness (7) N/A
Jun End of Year Celebration (5) Spa Night (6)