Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Program Operations, Schedule, Staffing, and Recruitment

Operations and Schedule 

During the 2022-23 school year, Mill Creek, Neely O’Brien, and River Ridge offered programming during the Fall and Spring semesters. Participation in 21st CCLC programming was available to all students interested in participating. 

  • Afterschool programming at each site ran from Monday through Thursday for 2-3 hours per day over the course of 30-34 weeks. 
    • Mill Creek, Neely O’Brien, and River Ridge all had regular, early-release Wednesdays during the academic year, which allowed site coordinators to run the afterschool program earlier in the day. 
  • All 21st CCLC programming was offered in-person for the 2022-23 academic year. 


21st CCLC Site Coordinators worked in each of the three schools to oversee staff and programming. More site-specific staffing dynamics are listed below. 

  • Mill Creek had a total of 13 paid and 2 volunteer staff members. This included administrators (1), school day teachers (6), non-teaching school staff (2), community members (2), and others (4).  
  • Neely O’Brien had a total of 3 paid staff members. This included administrators (1) and college students (2). 
    • Note: The site coordinator for Neely O’Brien’s 21st CCLC program shared that during the start of program at the beginning of the academic year, access to staff was limited and hiring served as a barrier. 
  • River Ridge had a total of 15 paid staff members. This included administrators (2), community members (6), school day teachers (4), and others (3). 


During the first year of the grant, 21st CCLC sites focused on recruiting 1st-6th grade students attending elementary schools and 7th-8th grade students attending the middle school site. Recruitment for participation involved collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and community partners to identify and invite families who were identified as demonstrating need. School teachers provided 21st CCLC coordinators with a list of students from their classrooms and community partners referred students who would benefit from involvement in the program. Referrals from school staff and administrators were also used. Due to limited staff capacity, a waiting list was also implemented this year.