Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Family Engagement

During the first year of the grant, each of the sites offered a variety of family activities for program participants and their families. Mill Creek offered 10 family events, Neely O’Brien offered seven family events, and River Ridge offered five family events. These counts included hosting events specific to the 21st CCLC program and participation in schoolwide events such as: 

  • Cultural Celebrations: Multicultural Night 
  • School Engagement: Schoolwide open house, Coffee with the Principal 
  • Recreation: Paint and Picnic Night, Paint Night, Bingo Night, Northwest Blues Family Night 
  • Program Celebrations: End of year celebration, Last day of program celebration 

Mill Creek offered at least one family event each month between September 2022 and June 2023 during the first year of the grant. The Site Coordinator was also successful at engaging with families and recruiting parent/guardian participation during its annual Multicultural Night which demonstrated a large array of cultural dances, attire, and cuisine. 

Neely O’Brien and River Ridge also offered a variety of family events during the first year of the grant (7 and 5, respectively). These events center family and community engagement through events such as Family Night and Family & Autumn Crafts Night. 

Table 3 below contains more specific details for the 21st CCLC sites’ family events. (Additional data available) 

Table 3: Family Events (with Number of Participants or Families) 

Year Mill Creek Neely O'Brien River Ridge
  1. Open House (not available) 
  2. Coffee with the Principal (4 participants) 
  3. School Event (not available) 
  4. Paint Night (16 participants) 
  5. Bingo Night (17 participants) 
  6. Science Night (74 participants) 
  7. Unspoken Truths Event (52 participants) 
  8. Dual Language Event (57 participants) 
  9. Multicultural Night (100+ participants) 
  10. Water Walk (67 participants) 
  1. Family and Autumn Crafts Night (25 participants) 
  2. Festival Of Lights (24 participants) 
  3. Brain Science of Language and Reading (11 participants) 
  4. The Power of Creativity (17 participants) 
  5. Jr Olympics (not available) 
  6. Northwest Blues Family Night (19 participants) 
  7. End of Year Celebration (15 participants) 
  1. Family Night (4-5 families) 
  2. Paint and Picnic Night (42 participants) 
  3. Last Day of Program Celebration (37 participants) 
  4. Math Curriculum Night 
  5. Schoolwide Open House