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Family Engagement

Kent Community Success offered a wide range of family events during the 2022-23 school year. (Additional data available) Additionally each site developed target objectives for their outreach to families of program participants. 

Regarding family event attendance, the program’s goals and measurable objectives for family engagement were as follows: 

  • Develop and strengthen family-school connections for 21st CCLC families. 
    • Family events offered by the 21st CCLC program will reflect the interests of families captured and measured using surveys and community-based organizations. 
    • At least 75% of regular attendees will have a family member attend at least one family event. 

Integration of Family Interests: Site Coordinators have successfully integrated feedback into the family event opportunities they provide. The primary source of data for this analysis is family event surveys collected and submitted by Site Coordinators at the completion of each family event. Utilizing these surveys, attendees are provided the opportunity to rate and submit feedback on their experiences, including the option to submit recommendations for future topics. Some examples of recommendations for topics that have been integrated into programmatic opportunities are: 

  • Mill Creek family event attendees reported interest in culturally centered programming and a game/bingo night. Both suggestions have translated into concrete opportunities via the Bingo and Multicultural Nights held by Mill Creek 21st CCLC during the school year. 
  • Neely O’Brien family event attendees reported interest in science-themed programming, which can be seen in the Brain Science of Language and Reading held during the school year. 
  • River Ridge did not collect family event surveys during the 2022-23 year. 

Families of regular attendees attend at least one event: In reviewing attendance data tracked by each of the Site Coordinators, several inconsistencies were identified which impact the ability for this analysis to be conducted. More specifically, current datasets do not permit evaluators to assess the number of families who attended a family event that have a program participant that is considered a regular attendee. (Note: We did not have access to family event attendance data where family members were connected to students to be able to look at data specific to regular attendees.) As a result, the measure was adjusted to provide unduplicated counts for the total number of adults that attended at least one family event during the program year. (Additional data available) 

  • 95 adults attended at least one of the family events offered at Mill Creek. 
  • 22 adults attended at least one of the family events offered at Neely O’Brien. 
  • 36 adults attended at least one of the family events offered at River Ridge. 

Chart 5: Count of Adults Attending Family Events by SiteĀ 

adult attendees chart

The chart above reflects the total number of adults (parents/guardians) that attended at least one 21st CCLC family event during the 2022-23 school year.