Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

Impact for Students and Families

The program sought to positively impact both students and families in several ways, as listed below: 

  • Increase student achievement in reading, math, and social emotional development. 
    • Regular attendees’ progress in math and reading will exceed rates of similar students who do not participate in the 21st CCLC program. 
    • 80% of students who regularly attend program will improve their Tier or remain in Tier 1, as determined by the well-being and behavior data recorded by the school. 
  • Increase families’ school connection and develop the knowledge and skills of families about how to support the education of their children. 
    • 95% of families who attend and participate in family events will rate the event positively on surveys. 

Note: A subset of surveys (n=104) was collected using a previous survey instrument. For the purposes of this report, results for family event surveys are based on each instrument. 

Survey A is the updated instrument. This survey instrument reflects feedback from families about parents’ and adult family members’ sense of connection to their student, students’ school, the afterschool program, and to other 21st CCLC families. 

Survey B is a similar instrument; however, this survey instrument reflects feedback from families about presenter knowledge in addition to comfortability and knowledge to support their students’ education. As the objective for the 2022-23 school year centers families’ school connection and ability to support their students, only the relevant results are reported. More specifically, items related to the presenter are excluded.